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Perfume Oil Oolong Melody
Perfume Oil Oolong Melody

Perfume Oil Oolong Melody


Perfume Oil Oolong Melody 香水油


Ever been curious about the enchanting power of fragrance oil? Enter the whimsical realm of OOLONG MELODY, where every scent is a symphony, ready to infuse your days with magic. This fragrance oil starts off with a rose-filled enchantment, a hint of anise, and a splash of zest from Sicilian lemons, creating an irresistible concoction that will tantalize your senses. As it evolves, immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of wisteria, vetiver, cedarwood, and osmanthus, weaving a tapestry of sensations. The lingering notes of cypress, labdanum, and agarwood add a mysterious depth, making it a beautiful tribute to your life. Meticulously crafted with the essence of natural olive oil, OOLONG MELODY is more than a fragrance—it's a luxurious skin elixir. Embrace its swift absorption and exceptional skin affinity, as it preserves your skin's elasticity and moisture.  This product is deemed absolutely safe with MSDS chemical safety documentation and IFRA international fragrance certifications. Pair it with your our Eau de Toilette -Oolong Melody for lasting effects of 6-8 hours

Top Notes : Rose, Cumin, Sicilian Lemon Leaf (玫瑰/小茴香/西西里檸檬葉)
Middle Notes : Wisteria, Vetiver, Cedarwood ( 紫藤/香根草/雪松/桂花 )
Base Notes : Western Cedar, Labdanum, and Agarwood (西洋杉/勞丹木/沉香)


Olive Oil Peg-7 Esters, Fragrance,Olea Europaea (Olive) Husk Oil, Methylpropanediol, Tocopherol.

1.Apply a small amount to your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, and behind your ears.
2.Avoid contact with eyes or face.